Creating a VR Game For Oculus Rift

I am starting this new series of tutorials for development of VR game on unreal engine 4 for the oculus rift.

I have had experience working with Unity3D, Cocos2D and other older game engines but when I recently started working Unreal Engine I found that most of the tutorials and documentation that can be found online were either too advanced and specific or would straight away start using one of the several templates that are provided with the engine.

For a programmer like me who would rather spend a little extra time writing his / her own code rather than getting some functionality out of the box this was a little off-putting. I am of the opinion that starting off with a template is fine for prototypes and proof of concepts but not suitable for long term projects that would be shipped for commercial sale. This might just be me.

Another reason that I did not want to take the approach of learning a new game engine while starting from a template was that I wouldn’t learn the right workflow and the terminologies of the engine. I wanted a clean slate and a fresh start but tutorials that showed everything from scratch weren’t many.

I am writing this tutorial series to address this very specific issue. I intend to start an Unreal Engine 4 project from scratch and at least point you guys in the right direction for implementation.

Although the series will be focusing on creating a VR game for oculus rift. There will be very little that does not translate into making a game for any other platform.

I know that this was a long text post. If you have read through this fully, I thank you and would really like to know how old you are 🙂

tl;dr: Unreal Engine, C++ based game development tutorial that starts from scratch.

Continue to the next post start with the project.

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